Factors to Consider When Searching for a Florida Home


Although everyone has a different criteria when looking for the ideal Florida home, having a clear mental picture of what you want greatly improves your prospects for a successful search.

When you know exactly what would satisfy you and your family, in terms of comfort, convenience, style, and practicality, then your chances of fulfilling your wish list and requirements are much higher.

For many people, the three top priorities are price, location, and amount of living space. The good news about Florida real estate is that, while market conditions may vary, there are often a surprising number of really nice Florida homes available at affordable prices. You don’t necessarily have to spend a bundle to buy a great home in a desirable location. Once your real estate agent knows your price range, your family’s needs, and your location preferences, they can immediately begin showing you available listings that conform to your requirements

In addition to giving some thought to room layout and the style of house you’d like to buy, here are a few key features you might want to keep in mind to enhance your enjoyment and comfort of your next home.

Proximity to the beach: While closeness to the beach is not a top priority for all Florida house hunters, it is a facet of Florida living that can contribute to the quality of your lifestyle and your overall experience. When you combine the advantages of a beautiful oceanic view, the health benefits of walking on the beach every day, and the cooling ocean breeze that coastal residents enjoy, it’s often worth the higher price that might accompany a beachfront property.

It’s always helpful to keep an open mind and be able to distinguish between your “wish list” and your “must have” list. While there are certain features you may think of as “non-negotiable,” there are probably other items you can forgo, without impacting your enjoyment of the property. A certain amount of compromising is usually necessary.

Options for staying cool: Regardless of how close you are to the ocean, it’s still nice to have access to a cooling swimming pool on your property. Swimming pools do require a lot of maintenance to keep them crystal clear and appealing, but nothing compares to the luxurious feeling of taking a dip in your own back yard on hot summer afternoons! It’s also great for entertaining guests.

Other desirable features for staying cool include ceiling fans throughout the house, a screened-in porch, and a top-quality, high-efficiency air conditioning system. Ideally, your Florida home will also have well-insulated, sealed windows and doors to help ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.

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